Alex Cowles

Designer & Creative Thinker . UX . UI . Brand

Native Talent

Native Talent required a brand identity and website to match. Providing board and director-level staff for the design and creative industries meant making sure the brand identity and associated collateral would live up to the standard expected by these clients and candidates.

Bold colours, strong type and imagery that spoke to the right audience were all paramount, as well as holding ourselves to principals that candidates would notice such as type sizing, alignment, grid setup and technical ability.

I was worried about working remotely with Alex, and not having that face-to-face contact.

Fortunately, his responsiveness and his willingness to explain everything in as much detail as required meant that we got a robust, easily navigable and usable website that delivered on the brief whilst remaining uncomplicated for us to manage.

Not only was he very communicative and able to meet all our time scales, but Alex was able to provide all the brand collateral we needed, and provided us with advice on a wide range of things related to the work.

I'd be happy to recommend Alex's work. His level of support, quick response times and the quality of his work made it very easy to work with him.

Rachel Bell - Native Talent

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