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Digital Podge

As part of the team at Line Digital, I was fortunate enough to work on the Digital Podge branding. Digital Podge is an annual lunch and get-together strictly for Managing Directors and Creative Directors. Every year one agency is selected to provide the branding.

The stakes were high, and the audience would be people well-versed in design and branding so the work had to really impress them, while combining functionality and a bit of humour. We chose an infographic and statistic-based route for the branding.

My involvement was in many areas. I designed the site, many of the infographics, I built some of the front-end and had a hand in designing the logo. I also contributed towards a number of the print-design pieces, and even managed the email marketing side of things.

The work won 2 awards in 2010. A BIMA and a DADI award for Best Use Of Visual Design. The organisers loved it so much, they comissioned us to duplicate the site to use as part of the Swedish event the following year.

The team at Line have raised the bar creatively.

Phil Jones AKA The Podge Father - Event organiser

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