Alex Cowles

Designer & Creative Thinker . UX . UI . Brand

The Baltic Scene

The Baltic Scene was an organisation that I got involved with when I relocated to Riga, Latvia. Primarily it existed to promote and support music in the Baltic states.

My first major involvement was running the Baltic Scene At Night event in Riga, for which I created an adaptation of the brand, based around the triangles, and in addition to the flyer and social media visuals, I created short animations and even comissioned the creation of polygon shapes and lighting for the night, which were projection mapped.

My second major involvement came when the TBS site went offline for a couple of months and disappeared due to technical problems. I offered to take over, host and re-brand the organisation bringing the focus on to electronic music, where I was most comfortable.

Alex is one of the most dedicated and focused people I've ever worked with. He is always done before the deadline and over-delivers. He is also great in contributing with creative ideas and motivates with his positive mindset.

Natalie Mets - Founder, TBS

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